Tattoo pricing depends on the size of the project. We have a shop minimum of $80.00 with and hourly rate of $150-$200 (depending on artist). For small projects we can charge by size giving you an exact quote. However larger projects such as a back piece will be charged the hourly rate. Portraits start at $400.00.


It is very difficult to give a quote over the phone (the lack of visual reference and extensively detailed descriptions usually leave both parties feeling exhausted). Speaking to your artist face to face makes the process much simpler. Email can be a valuable tool for simple ideas. If you have a tattoo that you would like to get a quote on please email any photo reference you may have: along with your desired placement and exact dimensions to your artist of choice. Just click on the email link at the bottom of their page.


Some artists will sit down and draw with you and some like to draw on their own. It’s personal preference for each artist. If you would like to setup a drawing consultation you can do so HERE . When we have time available for walk -ins we will draw a customers design on the spot. However, large scale tattoos take time to design. In this case you would need to have a consultation with your artist.


For each appointment we take a $50.00 security deposit that will be applied toward the tattoo. The initial deposit will be rolled over for the next session on projects lasting more than one session. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. If for some reason you need to reschedule, please give 24 hours notice via phone or email so we can open that slot for another customer.


If you’ve received an Eye of Jade token then you know we appreciate your service as much as you appreciate ours. Use up to 3 of these tokens at a time to help pay for your next tattoo or piercing. Thanks again.